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Mushroom tray packing machine

mushroom tray packing machine

Mushroom tray packing machine can be used to pack mushrooms. In recent years, the application of mushroom tray packing machine has become more and more widespread.

The reason for using packaging machines to package food is that two main reasons, which are to prevent the food from deteriorating during the storage process; to ensure the quality of the food; to allow the microorganisms to lose the environment required for the livelihood so that the food can be stored for a longer period of time.

Mushroom tray packing machine characteristic

Mushroom tray packing machine characteristic

First of all, they all offering three servo driving and motion control system CPU, with high-precision and high-sensitive electric eye-tracking system, accurately control product position. Also adopt the man-machine interface and parameter setting, convenient and quick packaging, easy to adjust the bag length to ensure high packing speed. A number of protective measures are in place to ensure the safety of operators, motors, and equipment.

Secondly, they have an independent sealing temperature control system. The new products improve the heating efficiency for sealing, the lower temperature also supplies the safety seal. At the same time, the diameter of the longitudinal seal shaft is increased, and the imported high-temperature bearing is used to completely solve the original production problem. Ensure fast sealing.

independent sealing temperature control system

Thirdly, the transmission part is driven by a large number of synchronous belts to reduce lubrication and adapt to the humid environment of the workshop. The conveyor adopts stainless steel lever structure, stable performance, and efficient transportation, suitable for multiple food packaging, such as cake, bread, instant noodles, biscuits, chocolate bar, candy, medicine, daily products, hardware, plastic tray, etc.

Lastly, they offer anti-cutting material, Standby function will auto-activate when no food inline. Also, they have a fault self-diagnosis & eliminate function. Besides, offering optional devices included a printer, nitrogen charging device, and alcohol spraying device.

The TEFUDE mushroom tray packing machine supply precise and efficient positioning and convenient operation, help you to achieve time-saving and labor-saving. Our company has been adhering to the innovative development concept, focusing on packaging equipment for opening and packing food automatically since the establishment, which has applied for and obtained a number of national utility model patents and national invention patents. If you want to learn more about the automatic packing line, please contact us.

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