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Trouble Handling For Bag Packing Machine


After a period of time of the placement of the bag packaging machine, always can not avoid some problems, after a period time the operation of the bag packaging machine, what we need to make adjustments to it?

About the handling of the fuel tank

After a relatively long period of downtime, all the oil in the fuel line of the bagging machine is returned to the tank. The pipe has air, or it's stored in some kind of groove. At this point the flow of the motor-driven pump is relatively small, the flow detection can not be allowed to detect the host running pressure. In another case, after a long rest, oil, iron filings and so on will precipitate, and then reflow, which will send a wrong signal to the system, so that the operation of the bagging machine error. The best way to solve this problem is to drain the oil out of the tank, then clean the tank once and put the oil back in again.

The air pressure of the machine is not enough to alarm

With regard to pressurized gases, it is important to note that the temperature of the pressurized piping is quite high when the equipment is shut off. After closing, condensate is formed in the pipe. The condensed water will rust some parts. In some cases, it can also rust directly, causing the device to malfunction.

The corresponding measures are as follows: After cutting off the air source, exhaust the residual pressure as far as possible, or reduce the pipe temperature, and then exhaust the air; for safety, the distribution valve can be taken out and can be cleaned and maintained to avoid dust entry, and anti-rust measures are established.

The machine's system won't start

Because the whole area starts at the same time after the holiday, the electric load increases instantaneously, the area voltage is unstable, the power supply inside the equipment is unstable, some circuit board components have a very high demand for the square wave of the DC power supply, in addition to the unsafe grounding, the cause of the crash and startup failure is also related. In this case, factory electricians are required to enter the substation to check, record the power, and the regulator can be configured to ensure stable power supply.

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