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What is Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine?
What is Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine?

What is Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine?

The horizontal flow wrap machine is also called pillow packing machinery, because the shape of the sealed package is pillow-like, which has the strong packaging capacity and is suitable for food and non-food packaging regardless of any specification and shape. Its packaging process is carried out horizontally. The heating acts on the bottom and ends of the film to form a sealed, flexible package that is already full of products.

Pillow packing machine is a high-performance device that packaging quantities of nubbly items with film, which has been widely applied in industries such as food, hardware, daily necessities, medicine production industry and so on.

Horizontal packaging equipment seals the product in a plastic film, which extends the shelf life by preventing dust, moisture and air from entering the protective packaging. Packaging speeds can be as high as 300 bags per minute, depending on industry, product and machine model.

How does a Flow Wrapping Machine Work?

The horizontal flow wrapper basically consists of an in-feed convey area, a film feed assembly , a bag former area, an end sealer and cutter, and an output convey area.

  1. The individual product is placed on the in-feed conveyor to enter the forming area.
  2. The forming area makes a film tube around the product while a fin-seal is made.
  3. The end sealer and cutter makes the end seals while it separates the items into individual wrapping.
  4. The sealed and wrapped products are sent out from output conveyor and ready to be packed in a box.

Why Use a Flow Wrapping Machine?

The design of horizontal flow packing machine takes speed and efficiency into consideration. The packaging speed can be in the range from 35 bags to 300 bags per minute, depending on the product, industry and machine model. Available in the automatic and semi-automatic, the flow wrapper can be made-to-order as per the specific needs.

  1. Supreme Versatility

The market is flooded with numerous products that are flow-wrapped, which are ubiquitous in the daily life. No matter what shape or feature the items are, they can be wrapped. Common applications include dry fruit, baker, medicine, daily products, hardware, toys, candy, scratch cards and so on. The versatility is the main attraction of flow packaging equipment.

  1. An Added Protective Layer

The horizontal flow wrapper packs the product into film, which protects the product from being damaged, worn, and contaminated from outside, and prolongs the shelf life.

  1. Increased Throughput

Time is money. A high speed flow packing machine can save both time and money. The automatic machine becomes an alternative of packaging to manual-packing. Flow-wrap equipment provides a high efficient packaging solution to wrap a wide collection of products, which packing speed can be up to 300 bags per minute.

  1. Promotes Brand Awareness and Increases Brand Loyalty

There are various reasons for consumer to buy products, including whether the items is eye-catching to draw people. Printed flow-wrap packaging comes with different colors and designs to highlight the brand. Clear flow wrap package can increase the visibility of product, and customer enjoys an unobstructed view of it.

  1. Fast Convert

When the product is flow-packed, it is easy to convert one package size to another. The integrated conveying systems can be quickly adjusted to the needed width. The on-board computer systems can save multiple pack specifications, and the trim length and belt speed can be adjusted with the push of a button.

When a product is flow-wrapped, the film will be cut to the appropriate size of the product. Since the bag is made to size on the horizontal flow-pack machine, there is little movement in the bag once the product is packed.

What Kind of Material do Flow Wrap Machines Commonly Use?

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film (BOPP film), commonly used in horizontal flow packaging machinery, with high strength and clarity, is suitable for coating, printing and laminating applications. The versatility of BOPP film makes it an ideal choice for packaging of food, candy and household products.

Flow Wrap Machine for Sale, Food Packing Machine Price

In addition to quality, price is what customer care about most. As the flow packaging machine is customizable, and price vary, depending on the customized machine model. Normally, the market price of pillow packing machine is generally no less than 150,000 RMB. The complete automatic production line can reach 1.8 million RMB, which includes feeding, sorting, alignment, distribution, counting and packing and other processes. The final cost is subject to the customization. In terms of price, the most suitable is the best.

Furthermore, in addition to considering the price of the product, the purchase of pillow packaging machine should also consider the import and export tariffs, transportation costs, and other business costs of different countries. If you are interested in the price of pillow packing machinery, you can email us to get the customized price.

What are the Most Popular Types of Flow Wrappers?

Pillow type packaging machinery is often custom-tailored and designed for specific products or industries. The equipment is generally purpose-built to go along with different industry, product and budget.

Below are the most popular packaging machines on the market.

  • Chips Packing Machine
  • Rice Packing Machine
  • Snacks Packing Machine
  • Biscuit Packing Machine
  • Candy Wrapping Machine / Confectionery Packaging Machine
  • Chocolate Packing Machine
  • Vegetable Packing Machine
  • Bread Packing Machine
  • Banana Chips PackagingEquipment
  • Grain Packing Machine
  • Dry Fruits Packing Machine
  • Cashew Packing Machine
  • Nuts Packaging Machine

In addition to the above machines, the equipment for packing other regular items are also available such as medicine packing machine, etc. In the packaging machine industry, TEFUDE is an expert in flow wrapping machine and will has an overall package solution to satisfy you.


Why Should I Choose TEFUDE Horizontal Packaging Machine ?

TEFUDE, a professional food packaging equipment manufacturer for automatic packaging systems, has been providing horizontal flow wrap machine service and solution for years. You will be in good hands with TEFUDE equipment manufacturer for discussing the options for your packaging machinery, or directly purchasing from us. No matter what flow packaging machine you are interested in, here we supply what you need.