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What Kind of Face Mask Machine Is Cost-effective?


How much is the disposable face mask machine? This question has been constantly asked in the question of netizens. Now the manufacturer of TEFUDE packaging machinery introduces the quotation in detail here.

Disposable mask machine is also divided into many types of masks. Generally, there are four types of masks: Cup mask, folding mask, flat mask and special-shaped mask. Some are also called 3M mask and N95 mask. These types are also included into four types.


Flat mask machine is also divided into semi-automatic mask machine, automatic mask machine and full-automatic mask machine. From the name, it can be roughly seen that the difference is that the degree of automation is different, the efficiency is different, and the final quotation is also different. Now, the TEFUDE Machinery Supplier simply quotes here.


For general semi-automatic mask machine, a production line can be set up, which can operate normally. The total cost is about 150000-200000 RMB, and the price of automatic flat mask machine is about 200000-300000 RMB.


For full-automatic face mask machine, you can refer to the scale and production rate. Now, the mechanical efficiency and stability of full-automatic face mask machine are the best. The use of TEFUDE full-automatic one drag two/three face mask machine is about 120-200 masks per minute, and the continuous operation is more than 12 hours. Compared with other mask machine, their prices are quite different, and the prices are 300000-1000000 RMB.


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