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What’s The Cleaning Work Include Of Food Packing Machine?


Good mechanical equipment is not afraid to use for a long time, but afraid to use for a long time do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. For the food packers, long-term use will not cause any damage to the body, but if the neglect of cleaning and maintenance work, then the food packers will soon go wrong. With the application of the food packaging machine more and more widely, its role in the enterprise is more and more important. Therefore, users will also pay more attention to the cleaning of the food packaging machine.

The cleaning work of food packing machine includes the following points:

1.After the machine is shut down, the tail rack (conveyor belt part) should be cleaned in time. For example, food such as bread and biscuits and moon cakes should be packaged. The food residue in the trough of cleaning material should be ensured so that it will not get stuck in the chain gap and cause fine and smooth growth.

2.For the heat seal body, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure that the seal texture is clear.

3.The photoelectric tracking luminous head, also known as the electric eye, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure the small error of the cursor tracking.

4.Production enterprises that use food packaging machines shall remove the chain regularly for cleaning and reuse to keep the machine clean.

5.Usually in the use of the process may be cut into the material caused by the knife block black, or the material stuck to the knife block, need to clean with a copper brush so that the knife block to seal and cut good beautiful packaging bags.

6.After the use of the moon cake machine to do a good seal, dust treatment, is wrapped in plastic wrap, put in a safe place.

7.Regularly clean the electric control box, in case of bad contact and other faults. The newly installed machinery must check the transmission and moving parts within one week of use and tighten them up for refueling and maintenance;Must check and maintain regularly every month after.

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