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What Sets Our Stick Packing Machinery Apart


TFD automatic packing line continues to lead with an outstanding range of machines, and our variety of Stick Packing machines are no exception. These Stick Pack machines in models ZP350, ZT300 are rugged and durable machines that can fill any size order quickly. With a run rate of up to 150-350bags per minute per lane, these versatile machines are ideal for any co-packer or producer.

TFD-ZP350 Automatic turntable feeding and packaging machine line is mainly applicable for food, daily necessities, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries to arrange an array the transmission of the square, round, strip, and other products. The front end of it can realize automatic continuous feeding, and can also be manually fed.

The system realizes complete machine intelligent control through the real-time interactive operation of touch screen and embedded PLC. Allocate product menu functions for convenient and rapid adjustment of the product.

According to the requirement of the latter section of the material sorting line, the speed of the whole array output quantity of the disks can be adjusted intelligently, to avoid more losses to be produced due to the friction between the excess materials. With high-precision and high-sensitive SICK electric eye tracking system, accurately control material position.

Our job doesn't just include selling stick packing machinery, however. We also offer our recommendations every step of the way. If a customer does need support for their machinery, our after-sales support from our technical service and engineering departments is second-to-none. Many issues can easily troubleshoot with a quick chat online or over the phone and corrected remotely and immediately from our location. Because of its versatility and available options as well as its rugged design, the Stick Packing machine from TFD is used by a wide variety of industries.

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