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How Can Free Wrapping Machines Satisfy Your Packaging Needs?
How Can Free Wrapping Machines Satisfy Your Packaging Needs?

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Flow wrapping is one of the most renowned horizontal forms fill packaging products used to wrap solids. You can use flow wraps to either provide seal protection or unitize loose products for retail. They are available in both automatic and semi-automatic variants to satisfy your packaging needs.

Extra Guard

Flow wrapping is particularly beneficial for Biscuit Packing Machine and bread packaging as it provides an extra layer of protection against external contamination. The likes of dust, moisture, or even harmful UV rays can affect the contents inside if not guarded properly.

Increased Branding

Products with flow wrapping also manage to retain their best attributes against direct handling, which is a recurring occurrence in retails. Furthermore, it provides a customizable space for increased branding as well. You can design the packaging so that the customers can get an unobstructed view of the product. It’s the perfect packaging solution for products such as Mask Machine that begin packaging from speeds up to 70 packs per minute.

Parting Thoughts

The flow wrapping machines provide easy packaging size switching. You can easily adjust the integrated conveyor systems to the necessary width. The presence of corrugated cores inside the flow wrap film rolls makes swapping film sizes simple.

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